Our catching lessons are a unique opportunity for athletes to harness their talents and improve their skills in the art of catching. The goal of this program is to meet every player at their current skill level and provide hands-on instructions in a combination of one on one or small group setting so that they can reach their full potential.


We will focus on the fundamentals of receiving first, with particular emphasis on balance base stances, body control, correct footwork, and glove action. Fundamentals and advanced catching topics will be addressed including mental and physical approaches for the high school and college participants.


Some of our lessons focus on throwing accuracy, quickness, transfer/release, strength, and velocity. Our indoor field provides a unique environment that allows the student to throw the entire distance from home plate to second base for the 60’-90’ field and any distances at all other age levels including Softball.


The course will also focus on the proper concept and technique of proper receiving of primary and secondary pitches. We will also cover proper blocking, bunt coverage, and proper blocking of the plate.

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Santos Baseball Academy offers private Catching Lessons from Rockland's and Northern New Jersey's most experienced and acclaimed Baseball instructors.

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Our baseball lessons are designed to teach the player the correct mechanics. Also to become consistent with those mechanics. That will allow them to develop a higher level of confidence helping them to take their game to the next level.


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