Our Fielding Lessons

Our fielding lessons are the quickest way to improve your defensive skills. We work on the fundamentals of fielding which are the foundation to become a great infielder.

Soft Hands

We practice many drills designed to improve the softness of the hands all the way from fielding the baseball to throwing it.


Our fielding revolves around having quick agile feet. We work on improving the quickness and timing the feet to field the ground ball the correct way.

Working through the baseball

We will work on keeping our infielders feet and hands moving. We will also work on the correct timing, in order to field the baseball the right way.


Fielding the ball is not enough to record the outs. We will tech the proper techniques from every angle to make quality throws for every position.

Hand Eye Coordination

The better the hand eye coordination the better the athlete. We use drills for hand eye coordination to help our infielders react especially on ground balls that take bad hops.

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Santos Baseball Academy offers private Fielding Lessons from Rockland's and Northern New Jersey's most experienced and acclaimed Baseball instructors.

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Our Other Baseball Lessons

Our baseball lessons are designed to teach the player the correct mechanics. Also to become consistent with those mechanics. That will allow them to develop a higher level of confidence helping them to take their game to the next level.


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