Our Pitching Lessons

Our pitching lessons immediately accelerate your player's overall pitching performance. Here are some of the things we will focus on during our pitching lessons:

Pitching Mechanics

Learning the proper movements to generate and maximize the force behind the baseball.

Pitching Control

A consistent release point gives pitchers good control. We will work on getting consistency in all stages of out delivery.

Pitch Design

Development of different types of pitches. We start with the fastball and add off-speed pitches accordingly. We teach how to throw them the right way with the intention to alleviate any stress on the arm

Mound Presence

How to project yourself on the mound. We help them develop confidence and teach them how to pitch with conviction.

Arm Care

Taking care of the arm is important. Young athletes are still growing and developing and we want to assure we protect their arms. Getting proper rest between pitching days and building their pitch counts is very important.

Game Plan

Pitching is not just throwing the ball over the plate. You have to move the ball inside, outside, up and down with a purpose. Depending on what type of hitters you are facing, determines the pitch selection and location.

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Santos Baseball Academy offers private Pitching Lessons from Rockland's and Northern New Jersey's most experienced and acclaimed Baseball instructors.

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Our Other Baseball Lessons

Our baseball lessons are designed to teach the player the correct mechanics. Also to become consistent with those mechanics. That will allow them to develop a higher level of confidence helping them to take their game to the next level.


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