Our Baserunning Clinic

November 1, 2019 thru January 3, 2020

1st Base

  • Taking Leads
  • Secondary leads
  • Steals
  • Delayed steals
  • Sliding back to the base
  • Reading lefty pitchers
  • First to third
  • Picking up 3rd base coach
  • Taking signs
  • DBR
  • Taggin up
  • Going half way

2nd Base

  • Leads
  • Stealing
  • Secondary
  • Reading pick-offs
  • Going from second to home
  • DBR
  • Tagging up
  • Going half way

3rd base

  • Taking leads
  • Tagging up
  • Going half way
  • DBR
  • Forcing balks

Home Plate

  • Running hard
  • Running straight through the base
  • Aggressive turns at first
  • Thinking double
  • Staying in stride
  • Peel off (optional)
  • Checking to see where the ball is and ready to advance

Baseball Programs

Our baseball programs are designed to develop greater athletic ability in speed, dynamic stability, power, and strength as well as establishing the physical and mental fundamentals of the game.

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